Hi again!

Sigh.  Apologies for updating this so rarely.  I wonder if, like Meghan Daum, I am just not a blogger.  I’ve been writing (though not as much as I should, or certainly as I’d like), but it’s all short stories.  And long stories.  I’ve got five or six on burners and more stashed in files, hibernating.

And I’ve been busy.

You might already know this—I got married.  (!)  If you are my friend on Facebook, there is one picture from the wedding, and I promise more soon(ish).

I also applied to a bunch of MFA programs in fiction, and I’m headed to Hunter in the fall, about which I am extremely excited.  (!)

I’ll be teaching part-time and going to class in the evenings, a combination that may prove to drive me bonkers.  Or—who knows?—maybe I’ll finally learn to draw a better boundary around teaching, rather than pouring every ounce of my sweat and soul into the job, spending a half-hour per draft, per kid (multiply 30 minutes and the total number of papers, and you get what my weekends can look like), answering late-night texts from advisees fighting with their mothers.  But basically, for six years, I buried myself in it from September to June, hunkered down like a soldier in a trench.  There must be a better way.


So what did you read this summer?  I’m about to read Michael Ondaatje’s Coming Through Slaughter for class, and I was thrilled to learn we’re reading Marlon James’ The Book of Night Women too, which I read last fall and recommended to everyone I knew.  (And Marlon James is coming to Hunter!)  (!)  I just finished Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin, which I couldn’t put down.  Before that, I was on an Ann Patchett kick, with Bel Canto and Run.  Earlier in the summer, I devoured Alan Hollinghurst’s The Line of Beauty.  I read it on a friend’s recommendation (thanks, Ben!) and was fairly flattened by Hollinghurst’s attention to the infinite, minute calculations and measurements between people of different classes, races, sexual orientations, tribes.  A delicious, heartbreaking book.

What’s for fall reading?


4 responses to “Hi again!

  1. Yay for grad school and part-time work. I found the part of grad school I did without “real” work (I was doing work-study within academia), unbearable. As soon as I got back to my teenagers there was real life to inspire and explore the academic work. Definitely exhausting, but exciting, and the kids I worked with were very interested in why I was in school again, many didn’t know that anyone other than doctors and lawyers went to more than 4 year college. So excited for you! Love Dawn

  2. Congrats on grad school! I’m so happy for you! I love Ann Patchett. I was introduced to her after reading Lucy Grealy’s beautiful and heartbreaking book “Autobiography of a Face”. Then I read “Truth and Beauty” by Anne Patchett. It’s a fascinating story of friendship between she and Lucy and there was a lot of controversy coming from Grealy’s family who heavily criticized Patchett for writing the book. I loved both books. Haven’t yet read other books by Patchett but I definitely want to. She is a fine writer.


    • Thanks, Dorothy! I did read ‘Truth and Beauty’ — and I think her novels are even better. Start with Bel Canto — I think you’ll love it. xo!!

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