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It’s Everywhere

I had coffee yesterday with a student of mine who just graduated—she’s off to college upstate in a few days.  (Does this make her my student emeritus?)  She’s a lovely, poised, sincere girl named Olivia.  I had planned to give her the “Lady Goes to College” talk: Don’t let anyone hand you a drink, don’t drink to get drunk, always walk home with your girls, if a boy says it’s too cold to walk back to his dorm from yours, don’t buy it, etc.  Olivia turned out to be—as I suspected—quite level-headed and informed about all of it, and she claims she doesn’t even like to drink.  (!)

Then we started talking about sexual harassment.  This, it seemed, wasn’t something she would be able to avoid, like getting falling-down drunk and waking up under a coffee table.  Continue reading


Hi again!

Sigh.  Apologies for updating this so rarely.  I wonder if, like Meghan Daum, I am just not a blogger.  I’ve been writing (though not as much as I should, or certainly as I’d like), but it’s all short stories.  And long stories.  I’ve got five or six on burners and more stashed in files, hibernating.

And I’ve been busy.

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