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Update: The Girl With Five Names

No sign of Lucia.  Sigh.


Defying Physics, or: The Return of the Butt Rockers

I did something I shouldn’t have.  I was on Facebook, idly reading the news feed, and someone I went to junior high with had commented on a photo.  I peered at the thumbnail and recognized it instantly: assembled before a spindly tree at San Marcos Junior High, it was the “butt rockers,” a moderately influential clique of flannel-wearing, Metallica-worshipping, self-styled eighth grade rebels.  They allegedly spent their weekends smoking pot and crystal meth and dropping acid.  I had no idea if this was actually true, because they never invited me.

Despite their cringe-inducing moniker and recreational drug use, I longed to be accepted into their ranks.  They were the first people I encountered who seemed truly cool in a James Dean sort of way.  Before the butt rockers, “cool” was the mantle of the popular assholes at my elementary school.  But those people weren’t cool; they followed their leaders like a flock of sheep and wore cutesy outfits.  The butt rockers were…weird.  I admired their courage.  I was not willing to admit that many of the butt rockers were also assholes, at least to me.

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I’m laboring over an essay.  I’ll post it when it’s finished.  We (the essay and I) have been wrastling  daily, and afterward, we’re both panting and full of vengeance; no telling who’s gonna win.  Gimme a couple days.

Teaser: It’s about loneliness, eighth graders, and the mysteriously-named “butt rocker” clique of San Marcos Junior High, circa 1993.