Monthly Archives: November 2008

Silent Sustained Reading


Eight-fifty-five.  Tawia jams the hulking, ancient window closed and shuts out the gray brick cold.  Heat levitates from the furnace, and Tawia, tall and jumpy, leans against it, sucking on a BlowPop, shrugging her hood off and gazing outside, the tattered copy of Game Over II: It’s All in the Game closed, for now, on her desk. Continue reading

Oh Dee Bees

Stupidly, I decided to dash back down the block and into the school building to retrieve the Builder’s Bar I’d left in the staff refrigerator, leaving 10 of my ninth and tenth graders at the corner store to wait for me.  We were on our way to Battery Park for our weekly field trip, and the ritual is to stop at the store on the way to grab some food for the journey – apparently, the cafeteria food is inedible.  It is probably illegal to leave your students on the street corner while you retrieve your snacks upstairs, but I did it anyway, sternly eyeing two of my wiliest students: “I.  Will be right.  Back.” Continue reading